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The LE-ZA Zip Applicator

Add Reclosable Zips to Bags on VFFS or HFFS Machines

The LE-ZA Zip Applicator

Single Rotary Jaw Zip Applicator DiagramAdd a Re-Closable Seal/Zip to your Bags on VFFS

We custom build the packaging industry’s leading trans-directional resealable zipper applicator. Recommended for use with  Zip-Pak® resealable transverse zippers from Zip-Pak®, but customisable to most zip manufacturers zips, it is the ideal cross-web zip unit for adding narrow or wider flange transverse zip to vertical form-fill-seal machinery and bag conversion equipment.

Designed for simple and trouble-free installation, talk to Line Equipment packaging machinery about adding our zip applicator to your existing host vertical form fill and seal bagging machine. All prospective host vertical form fill and seal bagging machinery will be inspected by qualified engineers to assess the level of refurbishment required and to maximise the compatibility of the our zip applicator system.

Line Equipment Zip Applicator imageAlternatively, discuss having a custom vertical form fill and seal bagging machine built to order, such as the LE 360S vertical form fill and seal bagging machine, with combined Crossweb Zipper Applicator, ideal for all re-closable/re-sealable zipper packaging options .

You can also add zips to Doy pack style stand up pouches using our in-line zip feeder on our PDQ machine.

You can also add re-closable zips to your bags on a Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine. (Flow Wrapper).

Retro Fit to Most VFFS Machines...

...and start adding re-closable seals/zips to your bags

Design Features and Benefits of The LE-ZA Zip Applicator

With a choice of Zippers, our applicators are capable of running narrow or wider flange transverse zippers.

  • Durable and Accurate. Incorporates longer life, rotary turret.
  • Fast Operation. Rotary turret is multi-slotted with separate cutting, crushing and sealing stations.
  • Increased Precision. Twin axis servo control, incorporating servo drive and processor.
  • Accurate Registration. Zipper application unit is close to forming shoulder, minimising film stretch.
  • Retro-Fit. Can be added to VFFS & HFFS machines in most cases. (Subject to an engineers inspection)

Video Demonstrating Zip Applicator on a VFFS Machine

Some Styles of Bags You Can Add A Zip To

Pillow Pouch

Pillow Pouch

  • The zipper can be located on long or short side of package
  • The packaging can be produced in wide range of sizes
  • This solution is often used for: cereal, produce, and salty snacks
  • Equipment options include Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal machines or Horizontal Flow-Wrappers

Doy Style Stand Up Pouches

Doy Style Stand-up Pouches

  • This style is often used for confectionary and snacks, etc.
  • On our PDQ machine using our in-line zip feeder

Need Re-Closable Bag Seals?

Add A Zip Applicator to a VFFS or HFFS Machine

LE-ZA Zip Applicator - A Line Equipment Machine

UK Designed, UK Built, Working Worldwide On Many Manufacturers Makes of VFFS & HFFS Machines