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Bag Styles

The most popular style of bags filled on VFFS machines

Success In A Bag

Pillow-BlockillustratYou have to make your bag choices based on suitability to the product you are looking to package. This includes consideration of the content and the ability of the finished bag for display and marketing purposes. Film is a design friendly medium, allowing you to consider graphic design as part of the process. The choice of bag style in terms of it’s ability to stand or hang in displays is also important.

Fortunately the LE range of VFFS bag filling machines are both versatile and flexible. With the ability to fill more than one style of bag on one machine, simply by changing the forming set, and by also allowing to differ the bag size, our machines allow for cost effective multi-packaging modes.

Pillow Bags

Pillow-Blurb-Strecthed-01Pillow bags are simple to produce and allow for high filling speeds. While they can carry a brand design well when designed right. Pillow bags can used for a wide range of products and offer a good balance between capacity, film usage and display options, including Euro Slots. They are also very effective for ‘bag in box’ solutions. Pillow bags contain styles within their style, as they can be gusseted to give an expanded fill capacity and also inward gusseted for use as a ‘bag in a box’.

Quad Bags

Quad-WeFillThe four corner seals that give Quad bags their name provide stability to the bag, enabling them to ‘self-stand’ well, giving you good shelf presentation. Combined with the fact that wide bag sizes can be used and all sides can carry graphics it is an excellent presentation bag.

The four corner seal process also helps the package stability. A cost effective bag that is still fast to fill.

For prominent on-the-shelf standing display for a range of products including foods, sweets, pet foods and more, the Quad bag can be further enhanced with re-sealable closures and press-to-close zippers, Euroslots and degassing valves.

Doy Style Bags

Doy The Doy Pack style of stand-up pouches are popular for their strength and versatility in packaging a broad range of products, including powder, granules, pastes and liquids. The Doy Pack style stand-up pouch can achieve a greater filling volume then a flat pouch, and their ability to be displayed upright at point of sale offers an advantage in product marketing. More Doy style info here…

We now build a machine that can produce Doy style and other bags from ONE machine…

Block Bottom Bags

Block-wefillA simple bag fold closed at the bottom and with a gable top. Suitable for a wide variety of products in small to large bag sizes. Wide face area for strong graphic possibilities.

Bags with Resealable Closures

Block-wefillThe ability to reseal a bag is important for a wide range of products, particularly where extended life/freshness is a necessity. Some bag styles are suitable for the addition of zip closures…

All These Bags Styles From ONE VFFS Machine

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Other Bag Styles Covered by Line Equipment Packaging Machines

3 Side Seal

Three side seal bags are a convenient packaging solution for products including coffee, tea, sugar, organic products and more. These bags have three welds, usually two sides and bottom.

4 Side Seal

Four side seal bags are another variation of packaging solution for products including coffee, tea, sugar, organic products and more. These bags have four welds on all bag sides.

Tetrahedron/Pyramid Pack

Bag-Tri-JellyBeansA popular style for single-serve products such as nuts, seeds, granules and snack foods.