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Doy Style Stand Up Product Bags

Our VFFS Packaging Machinery Produces Doy Style Stand-up Pouches

Doy Style and Stand Up Pouches

The Doy Pack style of stand-up pouches are popular for their strength and versatility in packaging a broad range of products, including powder, granules, pastes and liquids. The Doy Pack style stand-up pouch can achieve a greater filling volume then a flat pouch, and their ability to be displayed upright at point of sale offers an advantage in product marketing.

More recently the addition of resealable enclosures, such as zip sliders, added further benefit for product manufacturers by increasing the longevity of their products freshness after initial opening, giving further reason for the stand-up pouches growth in usage as a core packaging option.

All of the Line Equipment range of VFFS packaging machines are capable of producing Doy style stand-up pouches, with the added benefit/option of adding a resealable closure in conjunction with ourĀ LE-ZA Crossweb re-seal zip applicator.

Doy Style Packs with an optional re-closable zip

You can add a zip to doy style stand up pouches on our PDQ machine using an in-line zip feeder. Read more…