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PLC Upgrade or Complete Refurb For Your Existing VFFS Machine

Extend the Life and Improve the Throughput of Your VFFS Machine

VFFS PLC and Servo Upgrades and Conversions.

For Extended Life, Faster Speeds and Energy Savings

Refurb'ed Sandiacre vffs machineOften a company may find they have an existing VFFS bagging machine that is fulfilling its role in the packaging process line but may not be keeping pace due to technological advances since installation, or a machine that has fallen behind in terms of safety legalisation.

Further, pack styles and customer requirements change, meaning an otherwise reliable machine needs to follow suit. Rather than face an expensive and potentially unnecessary new installation, call in Line Equipment to discuss the benefits of a retrofit PLC and Servos upgrade or complete machine refurbishment.

Sometimes it is more convenient and cost effective to go straight to a new machine. Again, talk to us. Our UK built machines remain the most competitive genuine British stainless steel build in the marketplace.

Line Equipment’s retrofits and refurbs/rebuilds offer customers the opportunity to revitalise existing vertical form fill and seal packaging machinery, preparing it to meet fresh packaging styles or to comply with new standards. Our retrofits are aimed at improving machine performance; modern plc control system innovations and Servo upgrades can bring about significant improvements in throughput and flexibility. Combine this with a refurb/rebuild and you have a machine capable of providing an extended period of dependable service.

We offer a choice of Omron and Allen-Bradley PLCs.

Full or Part Upgrades depending on age and needs of your existing machine – call to discuss your requirements.

Omron or Allen-Bradley PLC

Examples of Refurb’d Bagging Machine.

New Life From A Bagging Machine – Not ‘New’ Cost

When we say we can revitalise existing vertical form fill and seal packaging machinery, (VFFS) to meet fresh packaging styles or to comply with new standards, and run for many more years – this is what we mean!

Old Twin Sandiacre Arrives at Line

Refurb’d  Sandiacre Leaving Line

Example of Refurbishing a Rovema Bagging Machine.

New Life From A Bagging Machine – Half The Cost of New

Below are images of a Rovema VFFS Bagging machine in for a refurbishment and upgrade. The machine was past it’s useful life as a packaging machine and the engineers have stripped any useful working part for spares, but this is how it comes into us. (This is the fourth machine we have refurb’d for this Blue Chip cereal company. I have included an image of the last one we finished, but I will be adding images of this one as it is transformed over the coming weeks).

The scrap we remove before we start the refurb

A Refurb’d Rovema – or a Line Equipment machine?

A Refurb’d Rovema – Film Transport

This is what we are left to refurb from

The Refurb’d Electrics

The Refurb’d Front Plate and Jaws

Talk To Us About A PLC and Servos Upgrade/Conversion

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Spare Parts

We stock spare parts for all manufacturers’ makes of VFFS machines.

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Rebuild & PLC Upgrade

We can rebuild/upgrade all makes of existing VFFS machines to extend their processing life.

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Service & Maintenance

We service and maintain all makes of VFFS machines, maintaining uptime.

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