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Volumetric Filler on vffs bagger image

Volumetric Fillers

For VFFS Baggers or Standalone

Volumetric Fillers for Baggers or as a Standalone Bag Filler

Bagger with Volumetric Filler imageWhere a product is free flowing, granular and reasonably consistently shaped, such as:-

  • lentils,
  • rice,
  • kidney beans,
  • peas,
  • ice cubes,
  • salt,
  • sugar,
  • wallpaper paste, etc.,

they are perfect for bagging, on a VFFS bagger, with a volumetric cup filler. These type of product will fill faster and probably more accurate using the rotary cup filler on a VFFS bagger but you can also use a standalone volumetric filler with a simple foot pedal control.

Talk to Line Equipment and we will use our 34 years of experience to advise you, depending on the bag size and bag filling rates you wish to achieve, which type of volumetric filler is most suitable, or whether the option of a multi-head weigher is the better choice.

Image shows our LE 250 VFFS bagger, with hopper feeding the volumetric filler on a Line built gantry

Ice filled from Volumetric Filler to VFFS Machine

Volumetric Filler for Wallpaper Paste

Talk to Us About Volumetric Fillers

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