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The Continuum™ - Continuous Motion VFFS Bagging

The Future of Continuous Motion - Today

Continuous Motion Form, Fill & Seal Bagger

This LE360 Continuum™ bagger machine is a Continuous Motion VFFS bagging machine suitable for bag sizes of up to 360 mm width. It combines the core characteristics of our range, the fully stainless build from within our own workshops with the latest Allen Bradley Motion Controller controlling the 3 servo drives plus the advantages that continuous motion will offer some product sectors.

The advantage continuous motion bag filling offers is not just an increase in speed, although this will appeal to some packaging companies, but the motion of the bags during filling, as the vertical jaws rise upwards and then move down in motion with the falling product, producing a more gentle, kinder bag fill and reducing issues such as bruising, in the case of fruit or vegetables, or excess air underneath a product preventing full bags, in the case of, for example, lettuce leaves.

There is also the option of taking the bruising issue another step forward and specifying the machine as ‘low drop’ to further cushion the content, which is ideal for some products, particularly in larger bag/sack sizes.

As you would expect from Line Equipment, The Continuum™ continuous motion bagging machine works with various filling methods and has a full range of optional add-ons available, including zip applicator and gas flushing capabilities.

Continuous motion is also available on the other machines in the range, so most bag sizes will be catered for.

Video Showing D Motion of Jaws on Continuous Motion Machine
Video Showing Continuous Motion Machine Bagging Dog Food

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