LE 360 VFFS Bagger packaging machine with product bags samples

The LE 360 VFFS Bagging Machine

See Continuous Motion in Action

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Choice of Omron or Allen-Bradley Plc

Choice of Ultrasonic Sealing

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The LE 360 VFFS Bagging Machine

Intermittent or Continuous Motion

The LE 360 Form, Fill & Seal Bagger

LE 360 VFFS Bag Filling Machine logoThe LE 360 vertical form fill and seal packaging machine is our most popular size machine. Custom made in stainless steel to suit varied packaging requirements between/up to 360 mm width and 500 mm length bag sizes.

There are LE 360s working throughout the world packaging granules, powder, liquids and solids, across most industries.

As you would expect from Line Equipment, works with various filling methods and has a full range of optional add-ons available, including zip applicator and MAP capabilities.

Available full servo as an intermittent or continuous motion machine. The continuous motion machine is ideal for products where bruising could be an issue, such as fruit.

At a Glance Specs. of The LE 360 VFFS Bagger

  • Bag Sizes. 100 – 360 mm wide x 500 mm long.
  • Bag Filling Speed. Up to 100 bags per. minute.*
  • Footprint. 1380 mm wide, 2050 mm depth, 1885 mm height.

*Need more bags per. minute – view our Continuous Motion version of the LE360 – The Continuum

The LE360 is Available as the PDQ

Pillow, Block Bottom, Quad and Doy style bags

The LE360 is Available as Continuous Motion

More Bags Per Minute

Kinder Drop Filling

Video Demonstrating a LE 360 filling 2kg Bags

Omron or Allen-Bradley PLC

Video Demonstrating a LE 360 with Degassing Valve for Coffee Bags

Video Demonstrating a LE 360 adding Resealable Closures

Zip closure for resealing frozen produce bags

Add A Zip Applicator

Add a LE Reseal 360 zip applicator if you need to produce bags with a resealable closure.

Add a Multi-Head Weigher

Add a multi-head weigher or doser for fast accurate fills.

LE 360 VFFS Bagger Packaging machine brand logo

LE 360 Spare Parts

We supply spare parts for this and other manufacturers makes of VFFS machines.

Video Demonstrating a LE 360 Heat Sealing Bags for Carrots

Filling Carrots Happy! – Video

John Talks Bag Sizes on the LE Range

If you have a product that could be damaged during the bag filling process – for example fruit that could get bruised – than it worth considering a VFFS machine that moves in “Continuous Motion”. John gives an overview in this video.

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John Talks Modular Design & Extras

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