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Resealable Closure for Product Bags

Closures for Various Bag Styles including Doy Style Stand-up Pouches

Resealable Zip Bags for Extended Product Freshness

Pillow-BlockillustratThe ability to re-close/reseal a bag, via the addition of a zip closure, is important for a wide range of products, particularly where extended life/freshness is a necessity, such as in food packaging.

Line Equipment developed the LE-ZA Zip Applicator to add resealable closures/zippers to bags on either VFFS machines or HFFS Machines.

Closures are most popular on stand-up pouches such as Doy style, Quad and Block Bottom but can be applied to other bag styles, including pillow, 3 or 4 Sided Seal and Thermoform Pouches.


Zip-Pak Vector

Zip-Pak Vector provides a versatile, easy-to-close option. The closure seals to itself, allowing consumers to easily reseal the package without exact alignment.

Vector benefits include:

  • Easy-to-close seal requires no precise alignment
  • Reliable, secure seal, minimizing air transfer to promote freshness
  • Tactile and audible closure feedback for consumers
  • Seamlessly adapts to existing machinery with only minor modifications

Zip-Pak Pour & Lok

Pour & Lok® is an ideal resealable packaging solution combining easy opening and pour spout functionality. This reliable press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset of the package for an easy-to-use pour spout.

Pour & Lok® advantages include:

  • Pre-applied roll stock gives you higher production capacity
  • No reduction in processing speeds
  • Less scrap and less down time
  • Available for both form-fill-seal applications and pre-made bags and pouches


The wide-mouth opening of the Zip360® resealable pouch, created by a 360-degree perimeter zipper around the package, provides easy access to contents. Zip360® allows for neat in store shelf presence and convenient home storage.

ZIP 360 Advantages include:-

  • A stand-up format for neat stocking in store & convenient storage at home
  • Pour-spout functionality for easy product dispensing
  • Space for dynamic graphics on all sides for maximum shelf impact

Child Resistant

 Safety-Lok™ Child-Resistant Press-to-Close is the tab mechanism used to open and access the package contents. The unique tabbed profile provides resistance for younger children, yet it’s proven to provide easy accessibility for older consumers challenged by child-resistant packaging

Safety-Lok™ benefits include:

  • Compliant with CFR – Title 16 Part, 1700 standards
  • Effective child safe tab provides an easy open for adults

  • Technology applicable to a variety of package formats

  • Closure is functional for containing numerous hazardous substances


Double-Zip provides consumers with an effortless way to achieve a complete seal – every time they use your product. Consumer research indicates that Double-Zip is overwhelmingly preferred over packages with single track press-to-close zippers.

Advantages include:

  • Complete & secure seal, each time the product is used

  • Ergonomically designed closure easily reseals for people of all ages

  • Enhanced seal strength for guaranteed package integrity throughout use

Powder Zip

Powder-Zip™ provides the reliability of Zip-Pak® resealable packaging – with an enhancement that enables powdery products to be easily resealed without the mess. Powder-Zip™ works because of its patented evacuation port technology, eliminating powder and particulate residue from the zipper profile area

Powder-Zip™ Advantages include:-

  • Evacuation ports eliminate product from profile area & keep it in the bag

  • Easy to close without the mess

  • Complete & secure seal each time product is used


Appeal to consumers sense of smell with Zip-Pak’s Fragrance-Zip® resealable closure. The scent is embedded in the Fragrance-Zip® fastener during the manufacturing process. Zip-Pak® can duplicate virtually any desired aroma, enabling a flexible package to release a desired scent whenever opened

Fragrance-Zip® benefits include:

  • Embed scent in the fastener during manufacturing
  • Duplicate virtually any desired aroma
  • Incorporate into any style of resealable closure
  • Appeal to consumers sense of smell, sound, sight & touch

Child-Deterrent Tab™

Child-Deterrent Tab is a cost-effective solution that easily integrates into current manufacturing operations, without significant changes to equipment or capital investment. The key differentiator of the Child-Deterrent Tab is the tab mechanism used to open and access the package contents. The tabbed profile provides deterrence for younger children, yet it’s proven to provide easy accessibility for older consumers.

Advantages include:

  • Effective child deterring package provides easy open to adults

  • Technology applicable to a variety of package formats

  • Incorporates seamlessly into existing machinery with minor modifications

VFFS Zip Applicator

Single Rotary Jaw Zip Applicator DiagramThe LE-ZA zip applicator is the packaging industry’s leading trans-directional resealable zipper applicator.  It is the ideal cross-web technology, capable of running narrow or wider flange transverse zippers for bag re-sealability on vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal. Designed for simple and trouble-free installation, talk to Line Equipment packaging machinery about adding the LE-ZA crossweb zip applicator to your existing host vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagging machine. All prospective host vertical form fill and seal bagging machinery will be inspected by qualified engineers to assess the level of refurbishment required and to maximise the compatibility of the LE-ZA system.

Also available as a HFFS Zip Applicator.

Retro Fit a Zip Applicator to Most OEM Makes of Machine

...and start adding re-closable/resealable zips to your bags

Design Features and Benefits of The LE-ZA Zip Applicator

With a choice of Zippers, Reseal 360 applicators are capable of running narrow or wider flange transverse zippers.

  • Durable and Accurate. Incorporates longer life, rotary turret.
  • Fast Operation. Rotary turret is multi-slotted with separate cutting, crushing and sealing stations.
  • Increased Precision. Twin axis servo control, incorporating servo drive and processor.
  • Accurate Registration. Zipper application unit is close to forming shoulder, minimising film stretch.

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The LE-ZA Zip Applicator - A Line Equipment Machine

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