New Machine Shortlisted in PPMA Awards

Line Equipment, past winners of the PPMA Certificate of Merit for Design and Manufacture in packaging machinery, are not resting on their laurels, even after 30 years in business. The new LE360 PDQ was shortlisted in the PPMA Awards ‘Innovative Packaging Machinery’ category for 2018.

The LE360 PDQ is the latest machine to be developed by Line Equipment specifically to meet our customers demands, by providing both ‘standard’ and ‘Doy style’ stand-up pouches from the one machine.

This machine is not a new invention. It is a market-led innovation driven by the overriding mission ethos that runs through Line Equipment – to deliver packaging machinery of the highest quality at the most reasonable price point of any European/American manufacturer.

More and more of our customers, whether they are contract packers or supplying own brand products into supermarkets report that they are being ‘guided’ to supply more ‘stand up pouch’ Doy style packaging. Like most manufacturers Line Equipment build and supply a dedicated Pouch machine as part of their range.

However if you are a producer / contract packer and have already invested in a line of machines that produce the ‘standard’ range of Pillow, Block Bottom or Quad bags then this supermarket driven move towards Doy style Stand-Up Pouches will have implications in terms of investment and space.

What do you do? Rip out and replace one or more standard VFFS baggers? Swap completely to Pouch bagging?

How do those solutions fit into tight spaces and even tighter budgets?

John Blashkiw, Managing Director stated “As our own customers came to us with those questions we made a decision. To develop one combination machine capable of producing most styles of bags, including Doy style, while keeping to the same quality and cost effectiveness that the rest of our range is renowned for”.

The first commissioned machine went to a customer typical of the implications of own brand success, where, from a new product launch of gluten-free products in 2006, they have now developed in popularity to become a High Street brand, with the extra marketing needs that that success carries, including a move to more prominent packaging display requirements.

For additional end-user satisfaction, this customer took advantage of our optional Line Equipment designed Zip Applicator for reclosable bags.

“We looked around a number of European manufacturers for the kind of combination machine we thought we needed. They seemed very expensive. From Line Equipment we got exactly what we needed at a very competitive price” Leigh Henshaw at Delicious Alchemy.

The LE360 PDQ is a solution that allows customers to produce various bag styles from one machine, filling the gap to a move to dedicated machines for each product bag range, as and when the production levels demand, at a reasonable cost and without the need for an additional footprint.   

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