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For Filling Containers Other Than Bags - When A VFFS or HFFS Just Won't Fill It!

We Provide Bespoke Packaging Machine Solutions

Thanks to over two decades of experience Line Equipment has seen most types of packaging requirements. Occasionally we get asked to fill a particular product in a particular way which is not covered by any ‘off the shelf’ packaging machine solution. Most are often just variations on a theme, some are quite unique.

If you feel you fall into such a category give us a call. We can look at the problem and let you know if we feel there is a cost effective solution we could design and build for you.

In this video John offers an overview of why, sometimes a VFFS or HFFS machine is not suitable for the product being packed, or the container it needs to go in. Sometimes a bespoke machine is required to semi-automate a picking and packing process.

A Recent Bespoke Packaging Machine Build.

Jelly Beans Find a Home

We recently designed and built a machine to fill plastic tubs with Jelly Beans for a promotional gift company. The particular style of packaging was not catered for ‘off the shelf’ in an effective solution, so we discussed what was required and started at the drawing board. Eventually we built a horizontal volley machine filling round plastic tubs

Here is a short video showing the bespoke solution in action.

Filling Jelly Beans Happy! – Video

Everyone was so pleased that we were able to build a machine for the Jelly Beans that we just had to make a video to commemorate the occasion.

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