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Another Continuous Motion bagger ships

We have taken a short video of our latest continuous motion build before it is crated up for shipping. Watch the video… The advantage continuous motion bag filling offers is not just an increase in speed, although this will appeal to some packaging companies,...

PDQ Jelly Bean Machine Leaves Factory

Short video of the latest LE360 PDQ VFFS machine to leave our Nottingham factory.  The PDQ is a versatile machine capable of producing pillow, doy style or quad packs. Here it is filling a laminate film pillow bag with jelly beans at 35 bags per. minute

Refurbished Rovema VFFS Bagging Machine

Below are images of a Rovema VFFS Bagging machine in for a refurbishment and upgrade. The machine was past it’s useful life as a packaging machine and the engineers at the owners have stripped any useful working part for spares, and this is how it comes into us. This...