Unwind Rewind Film Converter

Being Used for Adding a Zip Closure

Our New Film Converter Machine Solution

This machine allows a pre-designed/printed film to be added to this machine, unwound and then rewound. In this situation the purpose of the machine is to allow the Film to have a Zip Closure fitted to the film before it is loaded onto a bagging machine.

This has benefits to:-

  • An own product bagger/contract packaging company who has a requirement to fill bags with zips but does not have the room on the production line machine to retro fit a zip applicator.
  • A Converter or Film Company looking for an extra Added Value Service could use this machine to attach Zips as part of their service offering.

The machine runs standalone and in its own space.

A roll of film is placed on the machine and fed through to the Unwind station. The zip is applied to the material at the correct place on the film while unwinding. 

Once the roll has been unwound it is then rewound onto its original core, ready to fix to the bagging machine in the normal way, ready for bag filling.

This is a Test Machine – when viewing the video pleased be advised when built for production all Safety Closures will be fitted.


Newly Developed Machine Build – Test Video

The Unwind:Rewind Machine Factory Test Run

In this video you can see this new machine being tested. The Zip is seen being applied at up to 40 per. minute.

The maximum Zip application speed for this machine, dependent on bag size/zip type will be 72 per. minute.

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