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The ‘Fruit-ure’ Machine

Optimised for Dry or Frozen Fruit Products

The Fruit Smoothie Machine from Line Equipment is available in low-drop and as continuous motion for bruise-free bag filling. Works with various filling methods across a range of bag styles and sizes.

Video examples below.

Simply Fruit

87 bags per. minute on a LE200 optimised for this product.


Up to 60 bags per. minute on an optimised LE200

Simply Fruit

Using a PDQ machine for Doy style bags.

Fill Your Bags with Peace of Mind™

Line Equipment has been building VFFS machines for 30 years, with over 400 machines installed all over the world, renowned for their reliability. The entire LE VFFS bagger range is constructed in stainless steel to suit even the most demanding environment, making them, amongst many applications, excellent wet food machines.

As each machine is tailored and optimised to meet your specific application they can be supplied to fit on your production line as standalone units or as a twin machine, in a choice of intermittent, full servo or, when if required, continuous motion, for when you need a more gentle fill for fruit or for leafy products such as lettuce leaves.

UK designed and built to exceed the needs of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and to give a consistent and reliable performance, to ensure the machine is available for production when needed, whether packaging granules, liquids, powders or solids. Their easy wash down, stainless steel construction and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) capabilities make them a perfect bagging machine for food.

Machines Optimised to Suit Your Product and Bag Style

It doesn’t matter what product you are packing, if it is suitable to be packed on a VFFS or HFFS packaging machine, we can optimise your machine as required.

It doesn’t matter what bag style you are looking to package your product into, VFFS and HFFS packaging machines cater for most bags and film types, without or with zips, and we can advise you and optimise the machine to suit your requirement, including zip applicator where needed.

It doesn’t matter what method you need to use to count, weigh or measure your product to ensure the correct quantity/weight in each bag, again we can advise you and work with you to ensure you use the right doser/multi-head weigher/volumetric filler, etc, with the right packaging machine.

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VFFS Machines, UK Designed, UK Built, Working Worldwide™

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